Note: These are my personal thoughts and the thoughts of some of the women that I have had conversation with. I cannot speak for all women, but I represent the voice of a woman out there, who needs to be heard. 

When the pressures of the world become too much, who does a woman turn to? Most people would think a girlfriend, a family member, or her partner. For the most part, that could be true, however for a lot of us, the answer is ourselves.

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Tyger Leone (2nd grade)

I had to peer down at the little girl that I used to be and apologize to her for the dreams that I crushed, when I grew up. For allowing myself to believe all people are good. For the late realization that life is not perfect and that things will happen that will break you down and wish for the days that you only wanted to play Barbies and dream of driving a car.

As children, our parents prepare us for the world, but they can only do so much of that, because they have no idea of everything we will face as adults. There’s no way of knowing that. They can equip us with skills for survival, but there’s no way for them to truly soothe the pains that we grow to endure. 

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During hard times we break our own hearts. We have high hopes for so many things, yet we aren’t prepared to deal with setbacks. There are also times where we feel that we’ve been everything we can be for others, yet it doesn’t seem to be enough and we come down hard on ourselves.

These are the times that we have to learn to

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Featured Image Credit: Peter Souza

Today marks the end of President Obama’s second and final term as our leader. It’s such an emotional day for a lot of us. Not only is it the end of the 44th President of the United States term, but it feels like the end of equal rights, freedom, love and respect for all citizens.

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I have an appointment today with my neuro ophthalmologist. I haven’t been since November 2015, because my nerves could no longer handle being examined for hours at a time, on a monthly basis. Especially after my last appointment went for 4-5 hours and I lost it to the point of running out of there (anxiety).

Pseudotumor Eye Exam-Courtesy of

I have Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (IIH), also known as Pseudotumor Cerebri. I was diagnosed with this in May 2015, after a series of tests, MRIs, and visits to multiple specialists.

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Falling in love is one of the biggest gambles we take. You’re betting your heart and soul on someone, at the risk of them smashing it all into millions of pieces. Leaving you feeling lost and abandoned.

It can be sort of an addiction. Everyone tries it at some point -whether they admit it or not. There are times that we try to fight the urge to feel it. Afraid of what will happen if and when the feelings change. When the love dies, you can feel like a part of you has gone to die with it. The deeper the love, the harder we mourn it’s loss.

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